Remotely Controlled Thermostats
The key to this project is replacing your old thermostat
with a remotely controlled model.  There are several types
we offer. The
X10 Compatible HVAC System looks and
works like a regular thermostat and we use your existing
wiring.  We also offer Thermostat solutions that can be
controlled through a browser securely via the Internet.  
Not only can you control your HVAC system remotely can
even configure custom alerts to be sent to you via email
or text message on your Cell Phone.  
function with this X10 Bi-Directional HVAC System that not only
reports via
X10. When used with an intelligent home control any
action (i.e. turn on a ceiling fan, open or close dampers,
advanced, automated features, the system still offers the
complete, manual control that you have with ordinary

With a simple
X10 command, the system can set any
temperature between 60° and 90°F, or a low temperature
setting of 40°F. You can also use
X10 to access other features,
such as HEAT/COOL, AUTO and OFF functions. These functions
allow you to do things like:

  • Adjust the house temperature in the morning from an X10
    controller that you can keep on your nightstand
  • Make sure your house is the perfect temperature when you
    get home with any X10 timer
  • Control the temperature with a phone call with an X10
    telephone transponder
X10 Telephone Responder
Control Your Thermostat Remotely via the Internet
Control this thermostat directly at the unit or monitor and adjust
the temperatures of up to two thermostats in your home over an
authenticated, secure and free Internet connection through the
tool makes it easy to configure heating or cooling programs that
maximize comfort while minimizing the energy used. The IP
Thermostat itself features a clear, backlit graphic LCD for easy
viewing. With the addition of optional indoor temperature
sensors mounted away from the thermostat, the thermostat will
be able to average the temperature across multiple rooms to
gas or oil furnace or boiler, hydronic heating or central air conditioning, we'll be
able to integrate this single-stage heat and cool thermostat into your existing
heating system. Thermostats can be configured to send alerts in the event of
required maintenance or low temperature alarms. Use this system to turn on the
heat or air conditioning in your vacation home or receive an email notification if the
thermostat has detected a danger of freezing pipes.

You'll appreciate the IP Thermostat's flexible temperature scheduling options. With
366-day programming, you'll be able to determine four temperature periods per
day, with vacation and special day schedules available as well.

The Power Adapter is a passive 110 punch-down block that provides power to the
IP Thermostats over the Cat5 wiring and easy patch-cable connectivity to your LAN
switch or router. The Ethernet Power Adapter provides power and network
connection for up to two IP Thermostats. If you are looking to connect to
additional thermostats, we offer a kit with the IP Thermostat that includes a
Remote Sensor Capability & 6 Port Power Adapter, which will connect to up to six
Click Image for a Larger View of the Web Access Interface
Click Image to View a Larger Image of the IP Wiring Diagram
Key Features
  • Integral web server
  • Web browser interface
  • Stand-alone local network operation
  • FREE Remote Management Service
  • Simple temperature scheduling
  • Easy network installation
X10 Thermostat
Click to View A Larger Image of the IP Thermostat