Home Theater Solutions
entertainment you get when you combine a really
outstanding picture with enveloping surround sound.
At its heart, home theater is the thrilling If you've
ever been in a very good movie theater, with a crisp
picture on the screen, and an excellent sound
system, you know how impressive that can be.
Home theater has the potential to be even more
visually intense and aurally realistic, because you
don't have to share your home theater space with
200 other people.

So why doesn't everyone have it? Because not
everyone is aware of what's involved in making it
happen, or else they're worried about the complexity
of setting it up in their room.   We're here to assist
you with choosing the right component's as well as
install and configure your system so that it performs
to meet expectation.  Please
contact us to discuss
your needs.
Home Theater FAQ's
Q: What TV screen size is best for my room?

144 ÷ 2.5 = 57 inches.  So a 56-inch size screen would fit your needs best.  By the
144 ÷ 2.5 = 57 inches.  So a 56-inch size screen would fit your needs best.  By the
way, this works for any type of TV you're considering.
way, this works for any type of TV you're considering.

Q: What's the difference among DLP, LCD, LCoS, and Plasma TVs, and
which one is the best?

A: This new alphabet soup of TV types is confusing.  The truth of the matter is that
all these new TV technologies have their strong points and drawbacks.  No one
display type is the best.  It comes down to which kind of TV will work best for your
particular situation.  Some of the factors that need to be considered are: the light
levels in your room, the desired positioning for the TV (cabinet/stand mount versus
wall mount), the picture quality of the programming you watch regularly, and the
width of your viewing area.

Q: On HD TV sets, what does HD-Ready mean vs. HD-Integrated?

A: High Definition TVs that are HD-Ready do not have built-in HD tuners inside them.
That means you need an “outboard” HD tuner in order to tune in and watch your
favorite shows in Hi Definition.  This outboard box could be from a Satellite TV
system (like DirecTV), or a High Definition box from your Cable company, or a stand-
alone High Definition tuner connected to an outside TV antenna for over-the-air

HD-Integrated means that the set has a High Definition tuner built in.  These TVs can
receive over-the-air HD broadcasts when connected to an outside TV antenna.  If the
set is labeled "DCR" or Digital Cable Ready, you can rent a CableCard from your local
Cable Company to receive HD shows.  This CableCard goes into a special slot on the
TV and eliminates the need for an outboard cable box, a nice convenience.  You may
give up getting Pay-Per-View/Video on Demand and an on-screen Cable channel
guide when you use a Cable Card because you may need the cable box to get those