Dome Cameras
Fixed dome cameras are security camera
systems that hold a single position, unlike a PTZ
dome camera, which can pan, tilt, and zoom in
or out. Many domes are smoked or otherwise
not clear, making it hard for a person to tell
what the camera is viewing.

Dome security camera systems are very
versatile, with vandal-proof, weatherproof,
day/night, and various combinations readily
available. Day/night capability means the
security camera systems are color by day and
black and white at night. They can be mounted
almost anywhere using a variety of dome
mounts, such as pendant and recessed mounts.
A pendant mount allows the camera to hang
from the mount arm as a pendant does on a
necklace. A recessed mount hides the entire
camera except for the dome. Cameras using
these mounts usually are mounted in drop or
tile ceilings.
One of the most exciting cameras we carry is the Color Infrared Armor Dome
Camera. This amazing camera is virtually indestructible. Its hi-impact reinforced
polycarbonate tamper proof armor dome can withstand a blow from a 10-pound
sledgehammer! It's a color camera which automatically switches to infrared black
and white in low light level conditions. It can be installed inside or out and includes
all of the required mounting hardware. This is one of the most popular cameras we