Control Your Home From Any Web-Enabled PC, Phone or PDA
SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller is an affordable
and flexible central controller perfect for enhancing any
INSTEON home automation network.

SmartLinc integrates INSTEON technology with any
web-enabled mobile device through Wi-Fi and cellular
communication, allowing you to control or create timers
for INSTEON devices or scenes from inside your home, in
the backyard, at work, in the car or on vacation halfway
around the world!
SmartLinc has been designed for optimal use with an
iPhone or iPod touch as a mobile touch screen; however,
there are customizable user-downloadable server
applications that provide a flexible interface for any
web-enabled device.

As an added feature, SmartLinc includes IP camera
support, giving you the versatility to incorporate watching
and controlling your IP enabled surveillance cameras
through you web-enabled interface. SmartLinc puts the
power of managing your entire INSTEON home
automation network in the palm of your hands.
Ideal At-Home Control
SmartLinc works in combination with your router and any mobile Wi-Fi or web-enabled device to
control INSTEON devices within your home. Setup only requires a few easy steps to identify your
network IP address and then type it into your PC or mobile device. After setup has been home life
more convenient and energy efficient.

  • Wi-Fi enabled phone or PDA
  • Wi-Fi router
  • PC connected to router

Away from Home Control
In much the same way as the At-Home setup works, while you are away from home you can
access your INSTEON network using SmartLinc in conjunction with any internet connection or Wi-
Fi hotspot. Simply identify your home’s IP address and type it into your mobile device, then you
can turn devices on or off at anytime, from anywhere, with the same reliability as you would have
at home.

  • Broadband internet connection (at home)
  • Web-enabled phone, PDA or PC
  • Router with port forwarding configured
  • Static IP address OR dynamic DNS service

Whether you are at-home or away from home, scheduling timers for devices on your INSTEON
network is a valuable way to not only make your life easier but to manage the amount of energy
consumption that is taking place. Timers can be set up from your PC or mobile device for one On
time and one Off time for every scene in SmartLinc.

Pre-Organized, User-Defined Rooms
SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller takes remote access of your INSTEON home automation
network a step further. It gives you the ability to apply unique names and labels for devices and
scenes and then further organize those into rooms. By assigning your own naming convention,
you define the simplicity of navigating your own network.

User-Upgradeable Server Applications
SmartLinc features user-upgradeable server applications which make adding functionality, device
support or a new look and feel just a click away. Whenever a new server application comes out,
simply download the file and load it into your SmartLinc. Download the html-only application version
for compatibility with any web-browser.

IP Camera Support
SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller enables you access a network surveillance camera so that
you can watch your home while you control it, all from a web-enabled device. Turn on your interior
lights or your yard lights; and from the same screen watch it happen. This amazing feature has
been tested with several Panasonic IP Cameras, sold separately, and consider it to be a valuable tool
that integrates your home automation and security into one.

iPhone and iPod touch Control
If you already have an iPhone or iPod touch and a Wi-Fi router, SmartLinc is all you need to start
controlling all of your INSTEON devices. Smarthome engineers created an interface that has been
optimized to take full advantage of the power within the iPhone and iPod touch. Quality graphics
and quick response make these products ideal as an INSTEON remote control touch screen.